Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I was supposed to come on the Drive Show with Mitch, Rod and Andie late last night (yesterday afternoon back home)

Forgot to give Rod the country code on the phone number… that was my bad…
The phone number is 16 digits long… I was bound to screw it up!

I spent the night here in Jerusalem, which really is a great city.
Very much like Rome, it has such a rich history, as you walk by buildings and landmarks that literally go back thousands of years.

At the same time, just turn a few corners, and there you are shopping in a Nike store and eating McDonald’s. The contrast in Jerusalem between ancient times and modern-day activity is truly unique.

It’s a beautiful city, built primarily with bright gold Jerusalem stone that always seems to be worth a picture when glowing in the sun.

Visited some family I have at Hebrew University, and walked down to the historical sites of the old city, including the Western Wall.

Also made to Ben Yehuda Street, a tourist trap I’ll admit, but always fun to visit.
Ben Yehudah is just a few blocks from the old city, and is lined up with souvenir stands and shopping.

I went there for the food though :)
Nothing like some local cuisine and a greasy Shawrma-laffa filled with French fries and hot sauce. As is the case with most cities and their specialized food, seems to me that here in Israel, the dirtier the place, the better the Shawrma.

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