Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The Stingers improved to 4-1 in round robin play today at the Beer Sheva Athletics Tournament, thanks to convincing wins over two Israeli teams, and a forfeit by a third.

Coach John Dore relied heavily on his bench players in a 58-20 win over Sapir College,
meaning more playing time for, among others, Sebastien Martin of Granby, and Beaconsfield’s Desmond Murphy.

Both first-year players are among those benefiting the most from a trip like this, after spending much of this past season at the far-end of the players’ bench.

Only nine Stingers made the trip, and each player has seen significant playing time in every game.
“If we weren’t here playing, we’d be at home working out anyways,” Murphy says. “This gives us the chance to build as a team, and better ourselves for next season. Not everybody gets that chance.”

Fifth-year Senior Patrick Perrotte is the only player on the trip who will not be back next season, and the consensus is that this is an ideal off-season training camp, looking towards next year.

The Stingers also beat Israel’s Wingate College 71-41 today.
Wingate had a 45-point win earlier in the day against Ashkelon College, and when you put those scores together, nobody had to tell Ashkelon that they didn’t stand a chance against Concordia. They said so themselves, choosing to forfeit.

Add it all up, and the Stingers finish round-robin play in Beer Sheva with a 4-1 record, heading into tomorrow’s quarter-finals.

With the afternoon off, I’m heading to Jerusalem where I’ll be spending the night.
Jerusalem has to be one of my two favourite cities in the world, right up there with New York, although the two are much too different to really compare.

The Stingers meantime are doing a little touring of their own visiting Masada this afternoon.


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